Fix Route 15 Now is the voice of common-sense citizens within the Route 15 corridor. We are not a special interest group. We will continue to hold our elected officials accountable (County, State and Federal). We will fight for Route 15 to be fixed now, without delay.

We are NOT developers. We are your neighbors and friends who live along Route 15 north of Leesburg. While we will continue to remain anonymous, know this – We do NOT support changing existing zoning laws. We do NOT want this area to become a giant strip mall. We have ZERO financial interest in these improvements, other than the value of our own property. Our focus is solely on fixing the road itself.

Fix Route 15 Now will continue to provide direct unfiltered information and news on Route 15 developments.  In addition, we will provide more opportunities for citizens to engage in the process with our elected officials. 

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If you’d like to share with us information, suggestions, or feedback you can address them to [email protected].