Dereliction of Duty – Supervisor Higgins sits on the Route 15 Safety and Operations Study (April 2019)

Geary Higgins has intentionally “sat on” the Route 15 Safety and Operations Study since it was finalized back in April.  He directed the Department of Transportation and Capital Infrastructure to NOT release the report until July 18th Board Meeting – which is coincidentally timed for AFTER the state senate primary on June 11th.

Supervisor Higgins is comfortable with “blood on his hands” by not releasing this report ASAP so that the Board of Supervisors could have taken decisive action to FIX Route 15 Now!
What are your thoughts (as you sit in Route 15 traffic this Memorial Day weekend)?  Does Geary Higgins deserve your vote in the June 11th state senate primary?

*** The Route 15 Safety and Operations Study was provided to Fix Route 15 Now via a FOIA request by a concerned citizen. Here is the report dated April 12, 2019.