Does Supervisor Higgins Support Staff Recommendations and the Will of his Constituents?

Up for discussion and vote at today’s Board of Supervisors meeting are the concepts for Route 15 north of Montresor Road to the state line. You can find all of the information regarding these concepts in our Tuesday post but the main takeaway is that VDOT and county staff recommend “Concept B” as it provides the most safety and capacity improvements even as Supervisor Higgins purposely limited the amount of road that could be widened. A tipster sent us the latest newsletter from one of the no-growth groups which claims that at a recent community event, Higgins stated he will support Concept A.

These developments beg the questions:

  • Is Supervisor Higgins aligned with staff recommendations for Concept B?
  • What is so attractive about Concept A to Higgins?
  • Are there any pending campaign contributions hanging over his head based on today’s vote? (NOTE: Higgins is currently running for VA State Senate)
  • Why would Higgins purposely go against public opinion which overwhelmingly supports widening? (See executive summary here:, 72% surveyed want Route 15 widened north of Montresor Road. Also note the inconsistent response options that combine the bypass preference)

What should you do?

Call and email Supervisor Higgins’ office and tell him and his staff to support Concept B!

Call and email all of the other Supervisors and tell them to support Concept B!

Contact information located at: [email protected]

Tell these elected officials to stand up for what the majority of citizens want and to FIX ROUTE 15 NOW!