Ian Lockwood “Roundabout Gun (and cartoonist) for Hire”

We residents that live along the dangerous and unsafe Route 15 corridor must drive at our own peril every day.  Our children must ride a school bus on this dangerous and unsafe road for several hours during each school week. We residents, and in particular we parents of these school children, took some measure of comfort that after the horrific loss of life in 2017 the County Supervisors would actually address this treacherous and unsafe road.  Hence, public input forums were conducted, surveys were distributed, residents both supportive and in opposition were invited to participate, and a Route 15 Stakeholder Committee was established.

Reasonableness and civility were to be upheld during this stakeholder committee process as signatories of the Route 15 Stakeholder Committee Charter, where amongst other conditions the stakeholders were all to work toward the success of the project. A copy of the Charter can be found: https://www.loudoun.gov/ArchiveCenter/ViewFile/Item/7429

The process was reasonable and civil until the opposition groups, who are self-proclaimed traffic safety advocates, decided to obstruct and further delay the safety improvements and congestion relief measures by securing a “hired roundabout gun”.

The playbook of the opposition groups is simple; it is called deception, delay and denial.  The opposition groups have deceptively professed over the past 3 decades that they have tirelessly advocated for Route 15 safety improvements.  Just look at the recent deaths and accidents along Route 15 resulting from the lack of paved shoulders and centerline median strips that the opposition groups have opposed from being implemented.  The opposition groups have successfully delayed safety improvements through their ability to attack and conjure up half-truths about any group or individuals who disagree with their approach, tactics and objectives – just look at the recent draconian JTHG letter and e-mail from John Adams.   The opposition groups have denied their duplicity in blocking meaningful safety improvements and congestion relief actions – just look at their recent efforts to delay the process by 3 months in order to raise money to fund a non-resident, Ian Lockwood, whose expertise is in urban planning of city spaces (see bio at http://www.tooledesign.com/company/staff-directory/ian-lockwood  –  NOT high volume rural and suburban highways.  One of his well-known projects was turning the city center of West Palm Beach, FL into a pedestrian friendly area. He also made the drive on Route 50 through Aldie and Middleburg prettier. Route 50 is often hailed as the example for Route 15, but as we wrote extensively last week, this is an apples and oranges comparison given the differences in volume.  Keep in mind that when you hear the term “traffic calming” in regard to Route 15, the ultimate objective is to make/keep the road so horribly congested and/or dangerous that people are discouraged from using it. This is known as avoiding “induced traffic”.

Geary Higgins gave the special interest groups until August 31st to provide recommendations from Ian Lockwood. (read it here)  Have you seen Ian Lockwood’s recommendations?  Geary, where are they?

You be the judge of whether the opposition groups have been deceptive, delaying and denying of safety and congestion relief improvements based on their actions based on the evidence presented.  Who is fighting to protect our families and school children?

Tell Supervisor Geary Higgins to FIX ROUTE 15 NOW and NOT in 10 YEARS!