Loudoun County at Risk of Losing $54M Route 15 Funds

The Northern Virginia Transportation Authority (NVTA) approved funding of $54M last June 10, 2018 to widen 3.5 miles of Route 15 from Battlefield Parkway up to Montresor Road. At the public hearing on May 10, 2018 the opponents to the widening of Route 15 repeatedly advocated for “roundabouts” and NOT widening. This was the same hearing that Supervisor Geary Higgins did NOT attend to advocate for this project, the single- highest ranked road project of the 9 Loudoun County projects due to it’s heavy congestion and danger due to frequent accidents!

After having the funding for 10 months, there is still NO project plan for Route 15! The NVTA will revoke this funding and re-distribute it to one of the other regional members (i.e. Alexandria, Arlington, Fairfax, Falls Church, and Prince William city-counties) if there is not a project plan with significant progress on this road.

The special interest “no growthers” are counting on these Route 15 funds being revoked by NVTA.

Why does Chair Phyllis J. Randall and Supervisor Geary Higgins not present a Route 15 project plan and why did they abolish the Route 15 Stakeholder Committee?

Do Catoctin Lives NOT Matter?

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