The Unusual and Cozy Relationship Between the No Growther Special Interest Groups and Supervisor Higgins

Why is Supervisor Higgins constantly entertaining and communicating with a group of no growthers and their consultant in secrecy? Why is this being done outside of the “official” Route 15 Stakeholder Committee?

On August 31st Supervisor Higgins received a letter and 100+ page report from the following Route 15 “no growther groups”:

Stewart Schwartz
Executive Director
Coalition for Smarter Growth

William Sellers
Executive Director
Journey Through Hallowed Ground

Martha Polkey
Catoctin Coalition

Chris Miller
Piedmont Environmental Council

Morgan Butler
Senior Attorney
Southern Environmental Law Center

Ian Lockwood
Professional Engineer
Toole Design Group

Supervisor Higgins never shared the no growthers secret report with the official Route 15 Stakeholder Representatives Committee! In fact, Higgins included this group’s 100+ page report as an attachment in Staff’s “Route 15 – Congestion Report Improvements” that was presented before the Board of Supervisors on September 20, 2018 after having it for twenty (20) days – a shameful and deceitful act!

Supervisor Higgins not only continues to entertain and communicate with this “Shadow” Group of no growthers and their consultant, Supervisor Higgins fails to publish and share any of their e-mail communications or notes from these meetings.

Is this the “transparency” that Supervisor Higgins brags about?

Supervisor Higgins, when will you publish all of your communications to and from these no growther groups and their consultant (between you, Loudoun County Staff and/or the Loudoun County’s consultant Kimley-Horn)?

Is this project intentionally being delayed by Supervisor Higgins and the County’s transportation staff constantly meeting with these no growther groups?

Isn’t it time to Fix Route 15 Now Supervisor Higgins?